Re: rolling ankle

Ive had many problems rolling ankles in my day also. I am very active in volleyball ( which is sapose to be the hardest sport on ankles; this is due to jumping close to otehrs at the net and comming down on thier feet and twsiting a foot) I also play basketball ( rebounding being a danger, from falling on others feet ) and badminton. I play all types of spoorts but these three main ones seem to be a greta problem when it comes to rolling your ankle!

The main thing about rolling your ankle is to avoid the situations of of bumping into otehers while jumping. Futhermore, if you are a hard nose player like i am , you will always bump into others, so my sugestion to you is to be very cautcous when being in contact with otehrs. Anotehr thing if u even feel that u might roll an ankle, imediatly fall down, this will reduce the weight put on yur leg, and you will not roll an ankle.

If you have you have three choices, shave the foot and tape it up, buye a clumnky plastic ankle brace, or buye and lace up brace. To tape an ankle you musy fist start with shaving the ankle and foot so it does not rip the hair, then, about 3 inches above teh ankle but a strip all the way around the leg so that the ends overlap. Then take about 8 inchpeices of tape and put one end where the ring is above the ankle and proceed to put it under the foot and put the untaped end on teh other side of the ring around the leg. Do this about 5 times going against the injury, and put a ring around the tops so they are secure. Then do figure eights with teh tape against the ankle untill it feels secure. This type of ankle suport should be done by someone who has done it before, also it must be tight and is very hard to play with, and sometimes will sweat off and loose it tightness.

The way i went w sthe plastic ankle brace. Tghis works very well, just a few velcro snaps and yur done, u can buye this at ne local sports store and will cost you around 25 to fifty dollars. The downside to this is that it makes yur ankles weaker, therefore you must do ankle exsursises on yru spare time, it sucks byut if u want yur ankeles to be come better, u must do it.

A lace up boot as they call it is just a lace up ankle brace which is about 10 to 15 bucks, this offers a little suport but mainly keeps you ankle in tact and avoids a harsh roll.

sincerly tjgodreau

PS: you prolly found a solutuion, if you find nething out, please email me, id liek to know also!

Posted By TJ Godreau on January 20, 2003 at 10:07:27:

In Reply to: rolling ankle posted by Ron Steppe on August 25, 2002 at 11:08:36:

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