A good podiatrist? Sydney Australia

Hi, wondering if you could advise if my podiatrist really knows what they are on about. I have some doubts.

7 years ago I saw a podiatrist who made a set or orthotics. Eventually they wore out. 6 moths ago I wanted some more so I thought I would try out a new podistrist. The new one made orthotics which fitted right into my arch whereas the old ones always had a bit of a gap, (say 10mm versus 0 now). Apart from that they are basically the same except that the first guy made modifcations to tilt my right foot inwards as I was always leaning over on the outside of my right foot..evidenced from more wear and collpase of shoes on this side at the front. The second guy did not make any such adjustments even though I told him of this problem. Just recently I noticed that my shoes are now also leaning on the spine at the back of the shoe, (above the heel), as if my heel is tilting now more than ever. This never happened before. I looked more closely at the new orthotics and noticed that the outside edge of the right orthotic around the heel is about 10-15mm lower than the left one. This leads me to think that my heel is not being kept in place or supported by the orthotic as it should be..also given the increased arch support which may tilt my foot and thus need this support around the heel.

I think that it is fault in the manufacturing process of the orthotic.. i.e: the plastic has not come up far enough when it was moulded. the podiatrist said that this was not the case and it is meant to be that low. the left one is the one that had the plastic brought up higher.. not just at the heel but all the way along the outside edge. He said that the left one is higher on purpose because I need to make my left foot change by lifting it 5m higher and tilt inwards a bit in order for my right foot to correct itself.

At the end of the consultation he said that he would build up the right one anyway and leave the left one as it was and see what happens for a few months.

I feel like asking him for my money back or make a new set of orthotics but maybe he does know what he talking about and not just avoiding the embarrasment of aknowledging he has made a dodgy pair of orthotics.

Do you think my poditrist is correct?

Do you know of any really good podiatrists in Sydney, Austrlia where I could get a second opinion?


Posted By John Harrison on January 30, 2003 at 22:42:05:

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