Complicated Non-Healing Jones Fracture

I am a 22 year-old male in excellent health who sustained a fracture of the 5th metatarsil in May of 2002. First diagnosis was that I could wear a walking cast or use crutches (I understand the cast was a bad opinion). But previous to this hospital visit I never had problems with doctors, and I decided to use the walking cast. Approx. a month later I continued to have pain, so another doctor operated on me and put a screw in (June 17). I was told this injury was a true jones fracture. Two weeks post-surgery, I discovered a blister above the fracture site (the day they removed the cast). Doctor F (my orthpaedic surgeon) said it may have been from the cast I wore for the 14 days after surgery. Then the blister popped began to look infected, so Doc F decided to debreed the dead/infected tissue. This happened on a weekly basis for about two months, and I was put on oral antibiotics (Augmentin and then Cipro). The open wound went nearly to the bone itself, and eventually Doc F sent me to Doc L, a plastic surgeon. They did a culture, and determined the hole was, infact, caused by an infection. In late August I was sent to a "whirlpool" treatment to try and help close the would, but nothing changed. So Doc L ordered a PICC line (for intravenous antibiotics) and put me on Zosyn and Tobramycin. One week into these antibiotics, on October 9, I had an operation to debreed the tissue around the ulcer, that now showed signs of cellulitis. On October 19, they debred my now-infected bone, and closed the chronic ulcer with a skin flap and graft. They also removed the screw, which appeared to reopen the fracture site. The flap almost didn't take, so hyperbaric oxygen treatment was admitted everyday for over a month. Eventually the skin healed, but the ulcer then re-opened! Doc L put me on Tobramycin oitment since then (mid-Nov.) and everything seemed to be slowly getting better. The ulcer just wouldn't completely close, and I remained on crutches. Recently (Feb. 18) I had the bone x-rayed, and I was told that the osteomalitis may not be gone. This explained the non-healing opening. So a bone scan was done, coming up positive. Now the "doctors" (or as I call them "torturers") have told me they may be removing the middle or ALL of my 5th meta. This has me extremely worried, being an athletic person and cook. If this operation is performed there is a chance it could complicate the rest of my life. My neighbor (a retired orthopaedic surgeon) has told me of a method in which the patients were told to exercise the foot and ankle, thus increasing blood flow to these areas. He said this is often more effective than rendering the patient immobile for lengths of time, which may slow blood flow and cause osteoperosis. I need more opinions before I am opened up again. I am extremely desperate. Please let me know what you think of my complicated situation. If you could E-Mail me in my personal box (I don't normally check-up on this site), I would be forever grateful. I am also willing to talk privately on the phone. Thank you for your time and consideration. -Matthew

Posted By Matthew A. on March 01, 2003 at 11:25:21:

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