Broken 5th metatarsal To Matthew and others.

Matthew and all others with broken fifth metatarsal bones!

I am so choked up, I don't know where to start.

I consider the foot doctor/surgeon I dealt with a BUTCHER THANK GOD, that I DID NOT DO WHAT HE RECOMMENDED. If I would have done exactly what he advised, I believe I might be in your position now Matthew. (I also went to another podiatrist a few months ago whom I also did not like.
He was extremely impersonal and had a "give me your money and get out of here" kind of attitude.
-by the way, I have read every 5th metatarsal story on this board. My heart goes out to all of you. I also felt depressed and generally experienced feelings of frustration and helplessness. Perhaps we should take this time as an indication to slow down and reflect upon our lives. I am just trying to be helpful. Keep what you find useful and ignore the rest.

What I do for my fracture:

-I realize that not everyone can do what I do. Your fracture may need more drastic measures. Please follow your intuition.
-I wear hiking boots, that is my solution instead of what the doctor prescribed
-my foot seems to be healing.
-however, from what I read on the Internet, and from my intuition, it seems that 5th metatarsal fractures are tricky, and I should be careful for many months
-I try to eat calcium rich foods (cheese, yogurt, seaweed, broccoli, brown rice, beans…)
-I hypnotize myself (another way of saying this is, I relax deeply) and I imagine a screw joining my bones together. I have seen a X-Ray of a Jones fracture joined together by a screw, on the Internet and this provides a picture for me.
-sometimes I imagine a thin flexible wire joining my bones together
-other times I imagine glue is holding my bones together.
-I don't do the self hypnosis as often as I would like; it is difficult to concentrate, but I am feeling like it more, as I write this. I guess even writing here is helpful.

Here is my story: I hope it helps someone.

- I broke my fifth metatarsal in January 2003 and I never had a broken bone before. I am in my forties, so healing is not taking place as easily as when I was younger.
-In my first X-ray the 5th metatarsal was broken in two -possibly three- places. (conflicting information).
-I asked to see my X-rays and I could see at least two places.
-I was given a removable fiberglass cast and was prescribed crutches
-the prescription stated:SEMI-WEIGHT BEARING
-as soon as I put on fiberglass cast I could immediately feel that it was not the right thing to wear.
-there was not supposed to be much weight on the foot (semi-weight bearing), BUT WHEN I WORE THE CAST, EVEN WITH THE CRUTCHES, THERE WAS TOO MUCH WEIGHT ON THE FOOT (the doc, or should I say THE BUTCHER), said I could put some weight on it. IT HURT and it did not feel right!
-I chose to do what I felt intuitively. I took off the cast, laid around in bed a lot (I did not like this, but I did it anyway)
-I hobbled around the house using furniture to lean on instead of crutches.

-when I went back to the doc for the second visit, I did no tell him immediately that I did not wear the cast He asked, but I was evasive, and I said "Well, let's see how the X-rays are.
-he took the X-rays and then he got angry at me, he was rude and condescending.
-it appeared that he wanted me to have worn the cast, and have me put weight on my foot, so that my second visit I would need an operation (or something like that)
-he said something like: "what use is it , if you don't do what I tell you?"
-he gave me something else to wear -he put it on me but he took it off before I got off his chair, do that I did not have an opportunity to walk around in it in his office.
-when I got home and put it on and walked around, I almost killed myself walking around in it. (i.e. I kept slipping) DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A DANGEROUS PRODUCT place where I can report this? It should not be on the market!
-a short while later, I took a witness with me and went to his office, telling the secretary that what the doctor gave me was inappropriate and I would like to talk to him for a couple of minutes to explain the problem.
-after making us wait for 40-60 min., she said he could not see us until the end of the day, or I could make another app't (for which I would have to pay)
-I handed her a letter I had prepared, stating my concerns.
-I pleaded with her, asking whether he could spare a few minutes now, because the person I came with (who also drove me there) had to leave.
-she got rude and refused.
-we left
-when I got home, I phoned my insurance, tried to explain what happened and I said I thought the doctor should NOT be paid
-the insurance said they would do an investigation, but I would not find out the results of it (apparently prohibited by federal law)
-however, they would send me some kind of letter (I am still expecting it)

Bye for now.

Posted By Pat on March 04, 2003 at 00:33:10:

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