Re: Broken 5th metatarsal To Matthew and others.


I am not trying to sound condescending here, but you have given some VERY BAD advice to people who have suffered Jones fractures/5th metatarsal fractures.

From my experience, the cam walker (or fracture walker) the doctor gave you is to HELP your fracture heal quicker while protecting it. One of the basis of bone healing is the amount of force being applied to it. By weight bearing in the cam walker, you are telling the bone it has to has weight on it; but because you are in the walker your bone is still protected. This allows piezo (sp??) charges to occur between your fractured bone and excites your osteoblasts and other words it naturally stimulates growth.

I wore a cam walker for at least two months and did as my doctor said and everything has worked out well. I am now in a post-op shoe and I can tell everyday that my foot is growing stronger. Even though I am almost healed (I still have a very small crack in my bone) I listen to my doctor and feel that it is in my best interest. I honestly don't think your doctor is trying to harm you in anyway, shape, or form. One possibility is it's a little early for you to be in a cam walker. I went 7 weeks non-weight bearing and then was put into the walker. It proved to be comfortable and I had no problems with it.

I think you may be harming your healing process more by wearing hiking boots...and walking around your house unprotected and without crutches. THIS will cause more harm than the cam walker EVER will.

I wish you well and I understand your frustration, but my advice to anyone else out there is to listen to your doctor/podiatrist. They do know what they are talking about.

Posted By Rocky Davis on March 04, 2003 at 12:27:05:

In Reply to: Broken 5th metatarsal To Matthew and others. posted by Pat on March 04, 2003 at 00:33:10:

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