sprained toe(s)?


i jammed my right middle toe really good about 3-4 months ago. I ran into my computer chair and thought it was broken because it hurt sooo much. However, i was able to wiggle that toe around so I figured it wasn't broken. The right middle toe swelled up and became bruised. AFter a few days, I was able to isolate the pain and felt intense pain right under the toenail at/near the joint when i touched it. There was also a lot of pain on the underside of the toe at the base. I couldn't walk for a week.

Now 3-4 months after the injury, my right middle toe has started to hurt again, and it's the exact same pain. It hurts right under the toenail when i feel the toe by "squeezing" the toe. And this time, both the middle toe and the 2nd toe hurts. I noticed it when I did some aerobics at home without wearing shoes, which was about a month ago.

Then just recently, I noticed that my LEFT middle toe was hurting the same way, although it was my right middle toe that i had jammed into a chair several months ago. And it seems to me that I experience this pain whenever I work out and put stress on my toes, such as doing jumping jacks or working out on the stair master.

My middle toes seem slightly swollen (on the upper half of the toe) and it hurts from the joint up. I can feel the pain when I walk sometimes, but I feel it the most after working out.

Does it sound like I sprained my middle toes? Another thing I should tell you is that I only have one joint in both my middle toes (does that matter?)

Posted By Jade on March 05, 2003 at 22:50:23:

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