Hypermobility Syndrome

As a child of about 5 or 6, I went to have a new pair of shoes fitted, the nice lady in the shop pointed out that I had an extra lump of bone on each ankle, and that I walked on the out side of my feet. I was then taken to the family GP, who in turn sent me straight to the hospital. I then went through X-rays, and poking and proding until it was decided that the now large pianfull lumps on my ankles should be left until I was 16 and then cut out, or sanded down or something similiar. And that they would treat the fact that I was walking on the outside of my feet, by building up my shoes on the outside.
Every 6 months or so I went back and saw them. and to be fair it worked, I stopped walking on the outside of my feet, but started walking on the inside of my feet. At about this time it was also discovered that I had gone from a very narrow fitting of shoes to a wide one. They ignored this and carried on with treatment, but now they started building up the insides of my shoes. See a pattern yet.
Any way when I was about 8 we moved and so changed hospital. They decided that the lumps in my feet where because I had skinny feet and so my bones stuck out more. But they carried on building up my shoes.
At 11 I moved again, this time the hospital decided, that despite the fact that walking and wearing shoes often made me cry, that I would require no more treatment until I was 16, when they would operate. "Meanwhile just be carefull what style of shoes you wear"
I was about this tiome that I first started getting pain in my Knees and hips. GP dimissed it as growing pains, changed GP sent me to hospital, still didn't know, but they saw me every six months, did nothing.
By 13 lumps on both wrists were obvious, and the slighest bang to these or my feet, was excruciateing, my knees were unstable, I was always fulling over, for no reason. And the headaches had started. The diagnosis now "its your hormones".
At 16 my right knee which had been playing up for a while sustained an injury while sailing, it locked rigid and straight for about 4 months, I saw 3 hospitals, 5 counsultants and specialists, 2 physio departments, countless x-rays. I had physio's trying to forcefully bend my knee, and my mother was told I was attention seeking.
And my feet, "well we don't perform that kind of surgery now to risky, the pain I'm sure you're used to it by now"
At 18 my GP sent me to a Foot hospital, they started building up by shoes again, heels this time, and under my aches. Didn't help. Especially as shoes are so painfull, I only ever wear them when I have to, Never at home.
My joints have since got more painfull, and lock and pop out more often. They are noisey and clunk and click all the time. I always wake up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. Also I have had physio, medication and braces for countless wrist, ankle, and knee injuries. But never has anyone looked at all the injuries and pain together as a whole, rather than individual causes. The fact that I have always been covered in bruises, without even banging myself, and that as a child I virtually lived in A & E, but rarely had more than a sprain or strain
My right knee is now permantly twisted out of shape, my spine is twisted, and my aches have dropped.

I now find that walking anywhere cause pain in my ankles, especailly if I am not wearing shoes. I have constant pain in the ball of my foot, and the toe joints of my big toes. I still walk on the outside of my feet, I know this as my shoes always wear down there first.

Any advice would be very helpfull, do you think I should see another Podiatrist, or could this do more damage to my knees and hips. I'm having physio on my knees at the moment.

Posted By Caroline Cl on March 17, 2003 at 15:47:45:

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