I woke up with bruising and swelling on the top of my foot without having injured my foot. See message please.

Yesterday, I noticed a deep ache on the top of my left foot and it was very tender to palpation. When I woke up this morning, the entire top of my foot (from about 1" down from the toes to the top of my ankle) is bruised and swollen. I have had no injury/trauma to my foot that I can think of. I have a clicking sound when I evert my ankle but that's nothing unusual; I've had that for a while.

The bruising is more laterally than medially as is the swelling.

When I put my hand on top of my foot, I feel a "grinding" sensation of the tendons (this is new, started today) when I flex my toes and somewhat when I extend them. It's painful so I have tried to limit this motion as much as possible today.

I don't have the strongest ankles around and have had some serious sprains in the past to this ankle. I'm just curious what you think as I can't remember injuring this ankle in the last few days. My ankle has been known to "give out" on me but I know it's been a while since this has happened. Could this be a tendon injury??

If it continues to be so painful, I'm sure I'll go see a podiatrist in the next week or two but wanted to get your opinion.

Thanks so much.

Posted By Brenda on April 19, 2003 at 20:15:12:

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