feet, legs, spine, arms, neck, head

I was in the military in 1980 and had an inguinal hernia operated on...for two months afterwards, I had yellow and clear puss and blood leaking from the incision...I also had the stiches come through the incision which at the time the medics just snipped off the stiches and wiped the leakage off and said it was abnormal but looked ok....in the mean time this happened in Oct of 1980 and in March of 1981 I ws back running with my unit and the tendons in the back of both legs locked up as if someone took a pair of pliers and ripped them up from my feet to my spine...this started the whole process of developing clawfeet.....I have been through many tests including emg's (multiple)...and no one has even tried to tell me the cause of it....cmt was suspected but not proven because mt legs started to bow, muscles in my legs ripp easily now if run or over work them....5 years ago Walter Reed Hospital said it was going into my arms...now 20 plus years have gone by and local physican has taken me out of work because the arms are dying off like my feet and legs are....it has also been sending pain up the left side of neck and into the eye and head....I am currently waiting to heear from John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD for an appointment to see their Neurologist....THe DC hospital just used me for experiments letting eveyone on the floor shock and stick me and when they did this testing twice a week, I couldn't bare the pain anymore and quit going to them.....Currently I have on both feet and legs: clawtoes, exceptionaly high arches, pain in both feet and legs, pain in spine, numbness in both legs and arms, spasms in whole body usually generating in spine or legsm this goes throughout the whole body most of the time but on occasion, it may just be legs or the arms, pain running up through neck into head and pulling in feeling of left eye, so far right side of neck, head, or eye has not been effected....my question for you is: Have you ever seen or heard of any type of illnesses rgar show signs like this and doctor has put me on 800mg og neurotin three times a day until they can get me into the more specialized hospital....Any help or advice you can give will be greatly appreciated as this condition is getting worse and I am only 46 yrs old and I love the outdoors and value time very much and just want to know what it is and if it can be stopped or corrected....Let me say that before this operation, I was very fit and in my opinion, in perfect shape and health with no problems with feet, legs, spine, arms, etc....THank you for listening to me and again any help or opinions as to where to look for the problem will be greatly appreciated....THank You

Posted By George Carson on May 21, 2003 at 00:26:22:

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