Metatarsal pain and Morton's Neuroma

Hi, I am 40yo Female with foot problems. I am writing to you in the hopes that you can tell me if orthotics may help the problems that I have. Here are the problems: I was born with club feet and had to wear a brace on my legs and feet from age 6 mos. to 2 yrs old. It was not discovered until later that my Achiles Tendon was too short so I walked on my 'tip toes' most of my child hood. As a teen and early into adulthood I wore high heeled shoes so that people wouldn't make fun of the way I walked. And with high heels, all women essentially end up walking on their tip toes. Now at pressent age, I cannot wear high heeled shoes. The pressure that is placed on the ball of my foot for all my weight being focuses there is unbearable. I also have a lot of difficulty wearing low heeled shoes (1" or lower") due to the fact that I have a very, very high arch -- no doubt mishaped from the earlier years of foot probs. I have very thick callouses on the balls of both of my feet and I cannot stand on my feet for very long at all before they start to burn and tingle. If I have to stand for long periods then when I take off my shoes I can barely stand to walk on them at all. I also have a problem if the shoes do not fit correctly as when I step on my right foot, thers is this horrible dull "pop" or "thumping" sound from the bones rubbing against each other. I have very wide feet... a size 8D and it is very difficult to find women's shoes I can wear, that have good arch support, good padding in the footbed and look good enough to wear in an office. But even if the shoes are U-G-L-Y, here lately they MUST be comfortable first and fashion comes dead last. If I cannot walk in the shoes then they are worthless to me. I do well with Sears "I Love Comfort" brand and some "Naturalizer" and "Nordstrom" styles work well. Any brand that is wide enough to not bind my feet in the toes area help with the popping and grinding of my bones in the metatarsal area. But I still have problems with the metatarsal pain from standing, not matter how comfortable a shoe I find. If I get an insole to raise the arches more and add extra arch support to match my abnormally high one, would this help? I found this website called and they offer several orthotic products for something called "Metatarslagia" and I was wondering if you have had any success in treating metatarsal pain and morton's neuromas with these sorts of orthotics? At the very least I do not wish to make the pain worse or do damage to my feet (if that is even possible at this point) by wearing something that is totally wrong for my feet. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By Lesa Hall on June 16, 2003 at 11:38:45:

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