Pain on outside of foot - radiates - much worse at night


2 days ago I started having pain on the outside of my right foot while walking. It wasn't a big deal until that night. Shortly after I layed down the pain got worse and worse, to the point I was up all night in severe pain. I went to my GP. She thought it was tendonitis. X-ray showed a possibility of a very small hair line fracture, but they weren't sure.

Again yesterday, and today, during the day, the pain decreased a great deal - but I was up all last night again. When I drive or sit, the pain seems to get worse, and a small amount of pressure seems to help a little. The pain does go across the bottom of my foot, and can radiate up the outside of my calf.

I am on Viox (sp?) for 8 days, but so far it has provided no relief.

Any ideas?? Thanks for your help.

Posted By Kathleen on July 09, 2003 at 08:54:49:

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