Foot Cramping

Lately my foot has been cramping any time I try to cross my toes or even (as dumb as this sounds) when I try to rub a blanket between my toes. The cramp usually begins in my left foot right in the arch and causes my big toes to immediately point downward. The pain is so intense I can't walk on it. I am afraid to bend it in any position because it feels as though my bones of my feet have crossed together and locked up my foot. Sometimes this can last a few seconds other nights it last maybe 5 minutes. The pain is just so unbearable. Lately, my foot has been feeling really tight and sometimes if I cross my toes or try to pick up something with my toes the cramp begins. Immediately, I straighten my foot and the cramp will go away. But I have to keep my foot flexed for several minutes before I get the nerve to relax it again. What can cause this sort of discomfort and pain? Is it a form of my muscle in my foot actually cramping? Or, dumb question, are my bones in my feet actually crossing a locking together? I do have an extra bone in my foot (so doctor's refered to it as) in my left foot that caused me many problems when I was a child and I was told to wear arch supports. I stopped wearing them because the pain in my left foot no longer bothered me. Now that I have began playing volleyball, I have found that my foot does a lot of cramping. Is it a result of not wearing proper archsupports or proper shoes?

Posted By Ang on August 13, 2005 at 19:05:27:

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