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Plantar Fascitis - Heel Pain - Heel Spur
One of the most common causes of posterior foot pain. Characterized by "start-up pain" - pain exacerbated by initial weightbearing in the morning or after a period of rest. The pain usually subsides with rest. It is generally located on the inside arch of the foot and is most sensitive at the front of the heel pad. Onset is usually gradual. Abrupt onset with significant pain may indicate a plantar fascia rupture. A coincidental finding on radiograph of a plantar osteophyte (bone spur) on the calcaneus is not related to the condition of plantar fascitis, although colloquially this condition has been called "heel spurs". Conservative treatment is directed toward decreasing the inflammation and stress at the insertion of the plantar fascia. Anti-inflammatories are prescribed. Use of a night splint allows the fascia to rest at night. Physical therapy including ultrasound, deep heat, stretching, and taping techniques are all utilized. An over the counter or custom orthotic may be prescribed. Cortisone injections may be effective in some cases but must be used cautiously as they risk rupturing the plantar fascia. Extra corporeal shock wave therapy has been shown to alleviate symptoms in about two thirds of chronic plantar fascitis cases. Surgery is reserved for the most stubborn cases and again must be undertaken with caution as risks include complete fascia disruption and potential nerve injury.

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