ankle feels severely sprained after bunion surgery

I was displeased with my Dr from the very begining.
He never liked my asking him questions, to shut me up he kept saying just trust me, it's this simple, you have a bunion, after surgery you won't have one any more.
I had a moderate condition, but during I was put to sleep fully against my wishes to remain awake.
I asked for crutches they did not give my any, I was able to walk out right after sugery when my foot was still numb without pain, they said pain would come in an hour os so.

But I was unable to walk for 3 whole days, the 4th day I was barely able to walk I was going in for the crutches I was told if I needeed would be with the cost of the surgery, but then they were so nasty about it I was on my way there and changed my mind, since they weren't garaunteeing me any were there anyway.

My ankle was swollen and double the normal size, and bruise.
Before I was out prior to surgery on the table, they propped my leg up in the air, my leg was held up at the caff so my ankle was dangling rather than supported aganst any pressure they exert on my foot during the procedure, which could very well strain my ankle.

I have xrays but can't tell if any thing is wrong.

I specifically asked my doctor if he was going to cut any ligaments or tendons and he told me "NO".

But 4 weeks later I said I can't lift my great toe at all, did you cut a ligament? He said "Yes"
That made me mad in addition to not already trusting him.
This is just a sample of what Im going through with my doctor.

My sister had the same operation, she was very surprized as her experience was totally unlike mine (GOOD), and she said, "Hes a quack". Though our conditions were the same.

He also put screws in my foot when I previously told him I didn't want any screws.

He operated on me when I came in and had a temperature of 100 degrees, and he did not tell me I was very anemic of HBT at 9.4. Which he knew since he did blood work twice before the surgery.

Please repond with your opinion, thanks Valerie

Posted By valerie town on August 17, 2002 at 13:37:54:

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