foot pain

Hi my name is Karen

Two weeks ago I began having burning pain and numbness in my foot . Sinse then it has gotten alot worse day by day. Four days ago the pain has gotten so intense I can't help but cry in severe pain. The pain is located on the outer side and arch along with my heel and ankle on my left foot. The outer side, arch and outer heel hurts the worst. Yesterday I went to see my family Doctor for this. He is having a CT scan done on my foot and ankle, but they can not get me in for another two weeks. Until then my Doctor has put me on Vicodin , this does help with the pain . I am still unable to walk so I am using crutches . It does'nt take long for the Vicodin to wear off, on onset when it wears off my I start to feel the pain coming back within a few minutes my pain is extrem. The pain radiates from my foot to my hip and I have noticed my skin through out my left leg is red. I know you can not diagnose me on line.I would very much appreciate it if you could help me. Please could you give me your opinion on what may be causing this.

Thank you for your time , Karen

Posted By karen on August 24, 2002 at 03:52:44:

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