painful removal of ingrown!!!!

I had an ingrown toenail problem on both sides of the toenail, with infection. The doctor said I had to have it treated and he was going to do it right there in the office. He injected me 2 times with the anesthetic and left he room while it took affect. About 15 mins later he returned. As he began to do the one side, I felt him cutting into the toe, and told him I felt it, and it was hurting very badly. He said it shouldn't be hurting and he was almost done. He continued working on that side, then the other, while I winced in pain, told him I was having horrible pain, and felt everything he was doing, the nurse had to hold my leg down. He said I would feel some pressure. Well this was different from “pressure”. I almost blacked out from the pain, I could barely hear the doctor and nurse talking. My wife told the doctor and nurse I looked pale. I felt faint, nauseous, and was sweating profusely. They had to lay me down. He said he normally doesn’t prescribe pain medication for this type of procedure but he guess he had to since I had so much discomfort. He gave me Darvocet. I am taking the Darvocet and it is barley helping the pain levels, and I have the chills.

I had this procedure done once prior, and felt nothing during the procedure. I only felt pain afterwards. This experience doesn’t seem normal to me. If I ever have to have this done again, as the ingrowns reoccur, I am worried about having this awful experience again. I feel my toe was not properly anesthetized, or it was not left long enough for the anesthetic to take affect. I also felt he should have stopped when I told him how painful it was. Do I even go back to my follow-up with this doctor, or find another doctor to check on it?

Posted By dghrt on September 13, 2002 at 18:49:46:

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