Pain in left foot caused by poorly fitting shoes.

6 months ago, I began a rigorous exercise routine. I was walking in intervals of moderately fast walking and sprint walking for 3 miles a day. I was not warming up. I began having pain in my left arch, so I bought a new pair of New Balance running shoes. They were not leather, but some sort of fabric/leather combination. The shoe salesman said they would be better than leather.

I immediately began wearing these shoes when I walked for exercise. Within about a week,the back of my left heel began REALLY hurting, especially it seems when I pushed off with my toes as I walked.

I quit walking for excercise and put the shoes away. Anytime I would walk quickly, the pain would return. Once I walked a slow mile, and it seemed to reinjure the foot.

I have begun walking for exercise again, but have been wearing my old, old ugly shoes that I have added an insert to. The shoes are getting holes in them, so I bought another pair of New Balance shoes this weekend (again, the fabric/leather combination.) I bought 1/2 size larger as I realized the last shoes were too small. (My left foot, the one that was injured, is larger than my right foot.)

I am "aware" of these new shoes on my feet. They are comfortable, not seeming to rub anywhere, however I can feel a slight "pain" (that's not really the word) the same place my left foot was injured before. I have only worn these shoes 2 hours around the house. No "walking" yet.

I'm bumfuzzed! I need to be able to have some new walking shoes, but I'm afraid I'm going to reinjure my foot during the process of "breaking in" new shoes. Again, the shoes are comfortable, there's just this "something" there. Will that go away?

Should I just wear the new shoes a couple of hours a day for the first few weeks, and slowly work up to exercise in them?

hmmmm, this post doesn't seem to make any sense. I'm needing some advice, but I don't know what my question is. Help!!!


Posted By Miriam in Tennessee on November 04, 2002 at 09:45:50:

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