Big Toe Nail No More: It hurts so bad..!

: Hi, I accidentally injured my right feet big toe nail. It came loose on one side and part of it remains attached. There was quite a lot of bleeding.

: I went to see a doctor immediately after it happened. He gave me two choices: to remove the nail completely but i would need stitchs, or to leave it as it is.

: I chose to leave the nail as it is as i was afraid that removing the nail would be even more painful. My toe was cleaned and antiseptic cream was applied before it was bandaged up snugly.

: I am unable to walk properly as it hurts when i do so. I am taking a painkiller: VIOXX prescribed by the doctor once a day but it still hurts.

: It has been about 24 hours since the accident happened. I am still unable to walk properly... Why?

: I would also like to ask:

: 1. When can i remove the bandage (the bandage is quite big so i can't wear any footwear)?

: 2. Will a new nail ever grow back and if it does, what will it look like?

: 3. What do i do now? I can't walk!

: 4. How do i take care of this injured nail?

: 5. The doctor said i might get ingrown do i prevent this?

: Thank You so much for reading and taking time to answer this long message. My toe nail is causing me much inconvenience and pain, hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much!

: Regards, Sharon

Posted By Sharon Tan on November 04, 2002 at 12:17:49:

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