achilles tendons caving in,kneepain, tight quads

my daughters have osgood schlater disease. my sophmore daughter who is out for sports year round who puts her all into it has had pain in her knees for years. she is in physical therapy now. he showed me she is now bow legged. which must of come from injury. also he showed me her achilles are caving in. Also her right knee cap points across to the left instead of being straight on. the pain is in her left knee the most. she has tight quadracepts and ham strings. I believe all of these things wrong came from injury because she never had any of these things before.
she is spose to have orthopedic inserts made for her shoes. She is spose to stretch but it hurts to.
she is now sitting out in basket ball & drill team. she was in cross country and softball before that and track. she water skis, tubes and rides four wheelers.
what can be done about her achilles tendons?
what about that knee cap? the dr said he could remove the buildup from the osgood schlater disease if she isnt better in six weeks. Will things be all better after that? she wants to resume playing basketball then if she can. I regret I didnt take her to the dr. sooner to catch all these things but, I guess with osgoods & her sister having it I told her all the specialist said you could do is stretch. What alot of damage she has now. Are we going to be able to correct it and will she be able to go back to sports year round without damaging herself like this?

Posted By mom on November 06, 2002 at 22:23:49:

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