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Hi, I'm a 20 year old who has had a long history of pain in my feet ankles and wrists. I have been reading a bit lately about juvenile arthritis, but I certainly have never had any pain so severe that I would have been unable to go to class, rather its usually a dull ache. My question then is what could be causing my joint pain? I run usually four miles a week and only weigh 124lbs at 5ft 6, so I don't think I'm overweight or extremely out of shape. However, on days that are cold and I try to warm up to run I find that with every step my ankles begin to lock up and become tighter and tighter until they pop and hurt so bad I almost fall. It has been this way all of my life, though when I was younger the temperature didn't have any influence, they would always pop. I am also finding I'm beginning to have problems when I run more than two miles in a day with my hip joints hurting the next day and I find it difficult to lay on my side without a pillow between my legs for the same reason. As for my feet themselves I went to a podiatrist when I was 3 because I had difficulty walking the mall with my mother for short periods of time without crying because my feet and ankles would begin to hurt. Back then a burning pain in my arches occured as well, but that is no longer a problem. The podiatrist who saw me could find nothing physically wrong with the way my feet were made and found all movement to be within normal limits. He told my parents that I would grow out of it as my feet and ankles became stronger. Do you think I should go back to a doctor and see what they think or should I just invest in some asprin stock:). Thank you for your time!
Ps. The reason I wondered about arthritis is because my family has a long history of rather severe arthritis that included joint replacements, however, no one has ever had a problem with it at my age.

Posted By Samantha on November 17, 2002 at 22:38:01:

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