Re: Haglunds Deformity

It sounds as though you have the same condition as me. Due to the size of the lumps on my heels I was advised to have the operation to remove them. I have recently had surgery under general anaesthetic to remove the deformity from my right heel. After the op which involved partially detaching my achilles tendon to reveal the bone I was put in a full cast for 2 weeks and prescribed pain killers and anti-inflamatory tablets. After 2 weeks I was placed in back-cast which I could remove to wash and to do my 3 times daily stretching exercises. After 5 weeks I began 50% weight-bearing which helps get feeling back in the foot whilst also stretching the calf/achilles. I in the 6th and 7th weeks i was 75 and 100% weight-bearing respectively.

Initial weight-bearing is a little delicate and causes some discomfort but it's bearable - things then get easier as you use the foot more.
I too asked about the possiblity of having both removed at the same time, but was told this is impossible,now I can see why. You need to be quite agressive with yourself in terms of keeping to the physio and exercising the foot again - for this you need to be crutch assisted walking.

I my experience you will have to take it one at a time. Your condition maybe slightly different but in my case it was 8 weeks from op to walking again un-aided.
Hope this helps.

: I was diagnosed with Haglunds Deformity over a year ago and haven't really done anything about it. However, I just recently started a job where I have to wear boots and I am starting to feel discomfort again. My bumb is off set to the outside on both feet there fore is only partially connected to my Achilles. My question is if I choose surgery how long would I be laid up for and could I get both feet done at the same time. Thanks, Jon

Posted By Ben Spickernell on December 17, 2002 at 14:02:23:

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