Heel pain and popping in ankle

Hi, I have seen about a billion doctors and am still looking for an answer to my foot pain. Some of the doctors have said I have tarsal tunnel, but two of them have said I do not and that I should not have surgery. I am on my third pair of orthodics which do help, but not enough to live my life the way I want to. The pain is worse the longer I stand up. Standing is much worse than walking and the pain is just in my heels. My PT said that my subtalar joint has some stiffness. But, here finally is my question. After I stand up for a long time I can often sit down and rotate my ankle outwards which produces a large crack. This helps relieve the pain, but I am back to square one if I stand for a bit. Anyone have any idea if this cracking associated with pain relief could help me find a diagnosis? Any ideas? I am in my early 20s. Thanks!

Posted By Liz on August 02, 2006 at 23:15:46:

Lined with soft fabric on both sides, this ~2mm thick SiliposŪ proprietary gel pad is an excellent cushion to help relieve the burning sensation and discomfort of the five metatarsal heads of the foot (the ball-of-foot) by protecting the ball of foot from repeated friction and abrasion with the shoes.

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