Arteriole occlusion or neuro issue?

I'm a current medical student and for the past few days I've had a pinpoint vibration deep within my left heel that's not consistant with my pulse. It varies but mostly lasts 1.5-2 seconds and about 5 seconds apart. Pedal pulses are within normal limits and the vibration doesn't seem to be positional. The plantar artery curves around the ankle and doesn't really travel through the "heel" area so I'm not sure if it could be an artery occlusion or not. Capillary refill in the toes seem normal, no coldness or tingle feeling but it's starting to keep me up at night as well as keeping me from concentrating in class. No pain associated with the vibration either. Seems to be pinpoint and almost like a cell phone or pager going off. It's too deep to palpate and I'm not sure if or when I could get access to a dopler to see if it's indeed blood. Anyone come across this kind of thing? Do you think it's serious? Thanks you for your time. My email is

Posted By CC on September 10, 2006 at 21:10:45:

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