please help. ankle sprain

i sprained my ankle about a month ago, tripping and twisting backwards laterally. the pain was pretty minor and i expected it to be gone in about twenty minutes. well, its about a month later and it still hasnt completely recovered.
Thing is, i didnt take proper care of it in the beginning, especially the first 48 hrs, the "critical period" and i had to work at my job, where i have to be standing and walking the entire time (every time i worked for like more than 4 hours, it would worsen). i put ice on it sometimes (probly not enough) in the beginning, and i have been wearing and ace bandage every day since. i later learned about the RICE method but was confused about which I should apply, ice or heat, or both, and in what kind of sequence?

Point is, I probly didnt pay enough attention to it as i shouldve and now im worried at the super slow rate at which its healing. worried that it might not ever get fully better. Can somebody help me?

Posted By DG on May 17, 2007 at 20:41:56:

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