? Sprain ? Partially Torn Liagamnet

January 27,06 I feel down my stairs and landed on my knees but when I tried to get up I notice that my Ankle was sideways and would not move, A large bubble had formed already on the outer part of my ankle.
I went to the hospital and they informed me after x-rays that they thought it was a grade 2 sprain and with in a week I should be able to start walking on it.
A week later with no improvement I went to see a Physician near me who took x-rays again and informed me that the Hospital was right but that it could take as log as 8 more weeks to heal. He Wrapped my foot with an Ace bandage.
8 weeks in and no improvement I decide that I am going to go to a podiatrist. She immediately told me she thought my ligament or tendon was torn but she had to straighten my foot & get the swelling down before she could take x-rays due to the crappy one that the two previous Drs. I went to took. A week later the swelling was out and the x-rays revealed a fracture on the front of my ankle but no break. She now informed me that I needed a MRI foot and ankle.
The swelling came back I had to postpone the MRI for another week and put another soft cast on to help.
The MRI place took the cast off to do the MRI and then I had to go back for another cast.
The MRI came back with partially torn ligament in the inside not the out side like the Dr thought.
She then informed me that it would be another 8-12 weeks before I can start rehab.

I went in four weeks ago and my ankle is still swelling. The Dr. says maybe another 8 weeks but to call her if the swelling stops.
When the swelling goes down I am to go in for rehab by this time I will be off my foot for 8 months.
She said that all I will do is learn what 25% of my weight is on my foot and do that for a week then 50% week 3 75% and then I'll be able to walk by week 4 with a cane.

#1. She wants me to start rehab with a walking boot, but the ones I tried on 4 weeks ago do not fit my foot because I have bunions. Can you suggest anything that may help support my ankle for rehab?
#2. I have looked up rehab lots of times for injured ankles and I have never heard just apply weight until you can walk. Would you suggest getting a second option?

I can not afford to re-injury my ankle again. I have not been able to find a job since I hurt my foot and I figure that by the time I am able to walk on two feet again a year would have passed.

Thank you for your help.


Posted By Amber on June 30, 2006 at 09:52:18:

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