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Hello, my name is lisa and I would like some information about an ankle injury I received about 3 days ago. I was playing softball and was running to first base when my right foot hit the base, I triped and fell forward. I assume my left foot twisted as I was falling forward and I took a complete fall to the ground. About 45 minutes later I was unable to bear any weight on that ankle without severe sharp pain. I continued to play until I would try to run or walk and my ankle could not take the pain and would give out. This happened on a tues. night and it is now fri. morning and I cannot walk with the bottom of my foot flat. NO BRUISING AND NO SWELLING, just pain in the entire ball of my foot and up both sides of the heel.
Can you suggest what kind of brace or support I could use to play softball and should I even play? Im unsure about whether to go to the doctor or not. Im walking around with a limp and when to go to put weight on it and use that foot to walk, the back of my heel on both sides cannot hold the weight

Posted By Lisa on June 30, 2006 at 12:12:09:

The Ultra Ankle brace by McDavid. Pivot hinge for greater maneuverability and comfort. Lightweight design that is less invasive and more comfortable. Treats and prevents ankle injuries including high ankle sprains.

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