1st Met cheilectomy

Hey I'm 14, my names Em. I had a fracture at the beginning of my 7th grade bball season right across the first metatarsal joint. It developed bone spurs and arthritis, resulting in hallux rigidus. I basically had no extension and limited flexion. I had a whole lot of pain and when cortizone injections failed, I had a cheilectomy with a bit of an osteotomy (didn't use any hardware) on May 4. I was released after 3 weeks to do as I wished. I have one of the best docs in Alabama. STill had a lot of pain of course, coming off surgery. I have been using a Dyna Splint to increase extension and now have about 35-40 degrees of motion moving upwards. It makes it hard for basketball, the constant pounding on the joint from jumping, changing direction, the running, anything to do w/ basketball. I have a steel plate in my orthotics on the left side to prevent too much motion so the arthritis won't come back. What basketball shoe is suggested for someone like me?

Posted By Em on July 21, 2006 at 00:01:16:

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