I had taylor bunionectomy, if I'm using the correct term, on both feet about 2.5 years ago. After the procedure, a resident came in and said that he had "done the left one." Sure enough, I've had nothing but problems with that foot in particular. Bone was drilled away in the left foot, and screws put in both feet.The left foot was tremendously bruised and swollen for weeks after surgery. I returned to the same doctor to have hardware removed from the right foot when a screw popped up nearly through the skin.
After a while, things became much worse. I couldn't walk at all after a workout and so I went to my former trusted podiatrist whom I hadn't seen because he had moved. We went into surgery and he got all hardware out and used cement to fill the big pie bone space in the left foot. It was found---with excruciating pain---that the screw used in the left foot was too long and was grinding into an adjoining bone.
Things seemed okay for awhile but now, in the left foot, when I walk there is pain on the top of my second toe (second to the little toe) and in the surrounding area. It seems like it would be something associated with the bone cement in place, but I really have no idea.
This is a foot that had absolutely nothing wrong with it when I first had surgery, and now I am so concerned that it's ruined. I'm very active and now it hurts just when I walk. I assume they'll have to go in again and do something.
Any information or advice would be so very appreciated.

Posted By KL on November 03, 2005 at 09:23:52:

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