Stepping on Pinky!! Ouch!!

After a pelvic injury that caused gait problems, I began to notice the pinky toe was getting squashed by it's neighbor toe when I walk...ouch....ouch...ouch. I'm not even sure if the pinky toe is tucking in under the other toe, because sometimes it seems as if the three middle toes are the problem; pulling away from the big toe and impinging on the pinky's space. Anyway this is causing reddening and swelling of the pinky as is continuously stepped upon as well as a tender knot on the toe next to it from the constant chaffing.

This gets tricky, because I was under the impression that it would go away once my pelvic problem was solved and my walking balance was restored to normal. Well, my pelvis is in perfect alignment, and has been for several months now, but the toe problem persists. My Chiropractor has done several adjustments to my knee, ankle toes, but that only helps for a day or two. My massage therapist has done some work on my foot as well, which hurts at the time - feels good later - but doesn't fix the problem.

Is it possible that in the time (1year) that it took to fix my pelvic balance, I have done permanent damage to the toes?

By the way, I have worn every pair of shoes I own into the Chiropractors office at one point or another to make sure there is not a pair that could have caused a problem like this - he doesn't think so. Most of my shoes are Dr. Scholl's tennis and casual shoes because they have very comfortable arches and are the affordable version of more expensive ergonomically friendly shoes (or so I'm told).

Also, I have tried toe separators. They don't stay put. I've tried taping them on, but they still mush down under the toe - causing more discomfort.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your time!

Posted By Cynthia Rose on November 07, 2005 at 08:58:21:

The Shin Splint Compression Wrap applies gentle pressure on soft tissue next to the tibia (shin bone), helping prevent additional tearing of the soft tissue away from the tibia. Compression not only reduces additional damage, it alleviates pain and enhances the healing process.

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