lisfranc fracture or sprain?

I was diagnosed with a severe sprain to my lisfranc joint 6 weeks ago, which I did falling down a staircase (doing the splits-injured foot was toes down during the fall).
The Dr. said there was no fracture evident in the non-wt bearing x-ray.
Six weeks later, after adding weight and reducing crutches as per Dr., I still could not walk on the foot except carefully and with pain, on the outside edge only. Even bed blankets hurt.
I had a bone scan that was very hot through the entire Lf joint and a spot on the ankle bone. Dr. still said no fracture based on original x-ray, still has to be a severe sprain, go back to no weight bearing, could take 4 months as I'm kind of starting over again as walking on it as if healing a regular sprain was too abmitious a recommendation.
My questions: why won't he take another x-ray or do a CT if a bone scan is inconclusive at that joint as to whether bone or ligament? He said a hairline fracture won't show up and can't be screwed anyway. He said a bigger fracture can't show up now if it wasn't there before. He said surgery could be worse in outcome than waiting it out.
I've already been on crutches for 6 weeks, to go another 12-16 with basically no treatment, just to see what will happen, seems questionable to me.

Posted By Lori on November 25, 2005 at 12:30:12:

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