Foot Drop,associated with Foot Drop

I have been in the throws of peripherial neuropathy for a little over 3 years. This has solely and completely taken over my life. No matter where or what I do it has affected me so severely that I do little each day accept think of all the things that I want to do and can not do again.For a year, I have had tremendous pain assoicated with peripherial neuropathy.I have spent money and time in doctor's offices trying to find out what was wrong. I have gone from one doctor recently telling me that he thought, I
cried with this one, that I walked on the foot wrong. Yes, I did walk on my foot wrong. Who would not be walking on the foot wrong trying to protect the foot from pain.I had an MRI and still no 'real answer.

Finally, I was told to see a doctor in sports medicine
and was diagnosed with Charcot's Foot, aka Foot Drop. Now, I learn that it is associated with diabetic neuropathy. I have been a diabetic only since May, 2003.My blood sugar level could not be better, with an average 3 month blood sugar of 98. I am left now in dismay,getting orthopedic shoes and compression hose.
Completely tearing my heart out is the brace that is being made for me now for foot drop.I cannot bear the answer to this question.. am I going to 'drag' my foot eventually..???Foot drop.. what exactly is this..The man who is making my brace for me is a young man and he told me that I was in denial.He said it is the conditon my diabetes is in right now. I am frustrated beyond words and cannot for the life of me understand how I have become so sick in so short a time. I'm scared. IF anyone can help me understand this or if anyone can enlighten me on their experiences, I would like to talk to you.I am in the process of getting another pair of shoes with the brace being made. I do not know exactly what to expect. I would like to talk to someone..I have not ask the doctor this question.. will this condition improve in time or will I have to wear this lovely brace forever. Keep in mind, that if I am in denial, I am reminded of this every day and every moment I try to do anything..about 100 times
a day or more. thank you!!!

Posted By Nancy S. on August 26, 2003 at 17:34:03:


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