pain in both feet

I am a man 51 years of age in good health. I have had foot pain in both feet for years but it has recently gotten much worse. I have seen two different neurologists (emgs), a spine specialist, and two different podiatrists. A spine problem was ruled out. I have tried orthodics which did not help. Finally I had surgery on my right foot for tarcel tunnel in June 2003 with no apparent improvement or change. They always hurt, but seem worst in the evening after working all day. I can only discribe the pain as similar to hitting your thumb with a hammer. I am not diabitic, nor do I have rhemitoid arthritis. I am taking neurontin, hydroco/ap10-500mg and amitriptylin every evening just to be able to sleep.
I am disperately seeking help in finding relief through whatever means I can.
Thank you very much for your time.

The following is the steps taken so far.
1) went to my personal Dr., he sent me to a local Podiatrist
2) The local Podiatrist diagnoses was metitarsalgia and sent me for physical theophy, which did not help.
3) He then sent me to a neurologist for a EMG. The neurologist diagnoses was tarsal tunnel.
4) The local podiatrist then sent me to a Orthopaedic surgeon who examined me and said that he didn't think I had tarsal tunnel because I have high arches and I have it in both feet.
5) The surgeon had orthodics made for both feet and they did not help.
6) He than sent me to an other neuroloist with the same diagnoses as the first, Tarsal Tunnel.
7) He also sent me to a back Dr., who said my back was OK .
8) I also went to an other Orthopaedic surgeon in Boston, for a second opinion, this Dr. just looked at my file an agreed with my
original Dr.
9) Than he thought he should operate for Tarsal Tunnel on June 25, 2003 the surgery was preformed. I believe that I have
not gotten any better from the surgery to date 9/15/2003.

Michael McCluskey

Posted By Mike McCluskey on September 23, 2003 at 16:56:07:

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