Re: 10yo daughters foot pain

: For the past 5 months my 10 yo daughter has has continuous pain, with severe waves, in both feet from the ankle bone down to the toes. The feet are slightly swollen and very painful to touch. She has constant headaches. We have been to a number of doctors and specialists, as well as alternative medicine doctors, who have offered different opinions, including severs disease (which has been discounted by others, including the phsiotherapist), conversion disorder (ie the severe pain is manifested in her mind), blood discorders, rhumatoid arthritis (her mother and grandmother has it and the daughter has the gene for it).

: Blood tests are normal and X rays have not shown any arthritis or other disorder. A session of acupunture only managed to increase the pain - the acupunturist believing the pain is associated with the "kidney channel".

: We have, therefore, no positive diagnosis and nothing (including naprasin, brufen, tramadine or panadole forte - Australian drugs) have helped mitigate the pain. Heat has helped. I take her swimming daily to help maintain he mobility as walking is generally very painful for her.

: Do you have any ideas what it could be?

Dr Abrams

Thank you for you interest. Fortunately we have tried another doctor who is more tenacious than the others we have seen and our daughter had an X ray with radioactive dye that showed up some arthritis. You were correct with your observation about blood tests. The new tests also showed a high level of uric acid and her ESR is still high. We have been referred to a different specialist whom we will see in 2 weeks. Meanwhile the pain continues, but at least there is some hope that we will fin a solution. Thanks again for your help.

Posted By Gordon McKay on October 24, 2003 at 08:44:16:

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