Ankle "locks"

Hello Dr. Abrams,
I have a question for you.........13 yrs. ago I had surgery to stabilize my ankle. I tore the ligament along the outside of my ankle. The surgery as I understood it consisted of drilling holes in my ankle, then splitting the tendon on the side of my leg and weaving the tendon through the holes, then pulling it back up to about mid-calf and sewing it back together. Anyway, in the last 3 months every now and then while I have been out running, my ankle "locks" for a few steps and I have trouble moving my foot up or down. It usually results in my calf cramping as well as my ankle becoming quite sore for 3-4 days afterward. It happened again a week ago, only this time the pain has lasted a week. It has spread from the outside of my ankle all the way across the top and to the inside of the ankle as well. Any idea on what the problem could be? Thank you for your time.

Posted By Mark Cuddy on October 27, 2003 at 18:03:43:

Tuli's Double-Ribbed Pro heel cups are the most advancesd shock absorbing heel cups available today. The primary force of the heel strike is absorbed by the larger and higher waffle pattern while the lower and denser waffle pattern absorbs the high pressure and final force spike of heel strike. Perfect for sports activities.

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