What does a neuroma feel like?

I'm having more problems with my right than left foot, but for the past several months, the ball of my feet hurt, especially after activities. The source of pain seems hard to pointpoint, but it's comes from the ball area. It's a burning type of pain that goes away when I take my shoes off. I thought neuromas were easy to locate just from pressing on the area until it hurts, but that doesn't seem to be the case with me.

I'm getting fitted for orthodics soon, but I've curtailed a lot of my exercising because of my feet. If I put pressure on them such (for example working out at the gym and carrying around weight) or doing the leg press, the next day my feet will hurt pretty bad.

The ball area also feels weird, it doesn't feel like my old foot. It seems more sensitive, but perphaps it's just me? I have to wear shoes when walking, if I go barefoot, the ball area will hurt/burn.

I use to exercise a lot, for many years. I've gone to the podiatrist, she at first said plantars fiasittis (sp), but after telling her my symptoms in more detail she is now saying neuroma.

The thing is my right foot seems to hurt at a couple of places on the ball. About 2 inches below the big toe and about 2 inches below the 3 toe. The left also hurts, but not as bad.

Thanks for any help!

Posted By Tim on November 04, 2003 at 17:22:16:

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