5th toe problem

Five weeks ago yesterday, I stubbed my little toe on a couch leg. When I pulled my foot out from under the couch, the 5th toe was laying slightly horizontal across the 4th toe. I pulled it back over, into place so to speak, and it has stayed there ever since.

The next day I saw my FP as the entire top of my foot was black and blue, the little toe was incredibly swollen and I wanted to make sure I had not broken any of the metatarsals.

My doctor said he could not believe it from looking at my foot, but said the toe was not fractured on x-ray (and neither were any of the bones in the foot) and wondered if it had dislocated. He did not send the x-rays on to a radiologist to be read as he did not see a fracture and it is his protocol to only send them on if he sees a fracture (this is what the office staff told me).

It is incredibly painful to even attempt extension, adduction or abduction. Flexion is not too bad.

My question for you is: should I see a doctor/podiatrist about this. The main problem for me and why I am writing is if I'm walking along and it moves into extension or I bump it, I'm in excruciating pain. If I am startled and jump, this causes excruciating pain. If I catch it on a sheet at night, same thing, terrible pain.

I just wanted your opinion as to whether I should give it more time or see someone about it. I know there is nothing to do for a fractured toe and that is where most of my pain is located, the toe. However, I'm wondering if I did some other type of damage, muscles/ligaments as if I move it I'm back to square one again, terrible pain and aching.

Thank you so much!! (Sorry my post was so lengthy)

Posted By B~ on November 11, 2003 at 16:00:15:

A silicone insert on the back of the Achillotrain leaves tendon pressure-free and provides intermittent compression for the reduction of swelling and edema.

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