Re: post-bunionectomy recovery

: : I really can't tell you exactly what should be happening to you since I do not know alot about you and what surgery was performed. Your surgeon should be the one to discuss this with you.
: : After having said that, I can tell you that patients all vary in their responses to post operative pain. Make no mistake about it, foot surgery is uncomfortable. I tell my patients to do what they need to to be comfortable, short of remaining bedridden. I also like to tell them it will get better , just not as fast as you would like or how it does on TV shows.

: : Good luck.

: Dr. Abrams,

: Thank you for your quick response to my question. I am feeling a bit impatient, as I will be coming up to the 2 week mark on Monday. I guess my frustration is that according to my doctor, "many people feel very little discomfort and get around quite well" doesn't appear to pertain to me. I'm not taking many pain med's and perhaps I should (at least Tylenol). Then, I may be less uncomfortable. I don't seeing me "ditching" the crutches still for awhile, but I hope in the near future to start trying to get around on one. I will be getting my stitches out in three day so I will be interested in seeing just where my doctors expectations are at that point. I'll let you know. Thanks again for your quick reply.

Just thought I'd chime in. I'm 16 days post procedure. Had a similar surgery it sounds-had arthritis removed too. Was not allowed to bear weight at all for one week. I started to do some minimal weight bearing on the 8th day, and after about 11 days, was given the okay to only use one crutch (or cane), although my dr does not want me to drive until this upcoming week. (it's the right foot)
I'm taking Bextra and Tylenol as needed. I was prescribed Percocet, but I don't want to take narcotics, so I did not fill the prescription. I am getting around okay, but it is very sore. And last week, my foot started having nightly episodes of pain that wakes me. It just plain hurts like heck in the middle of night, and the Bextra and Tylenol do nothing to relieve it. But narcotic pain relievers make me sick, so I will deal with the pain. This higher level of pain didn't start until a week and a half after the procedure, about 6 days ago, right after my last appointment. I am using ice once or twice a day, although I didn't last night. I need to go do that now in fact. I'm sorry that your doctor seems to have made a statement that makes you feel as if you somehow shouldn't be in pain still. My dr has said that he's had people who have stayed home from work for several weeks. My goodness-you have a fractured toe that had surgery!! Some people have higher pain thresholds. Even though I can walk around now, it is by no means comfortable, and as I have said, I am still having severe pain. and I will be reporting that to my dr on my Tuesday check-up.

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