Re: Fractured 5th metatarsel

I fractured my left 5th metatarsel 11/27/03. Two doctors have looked at my recent x-rays and say the opposite things. I am seeing another doctor 1/21/04. One doctor said my bone alignment is good and I'm about 65% healed. The other said my fracture looks like a sharply angled jig saw puzzle and that it is a St. John's fracture with union or non-union ( I can't remember) whatever. My 1st question is this: can you correct the St. John name for me since I can't remember and explain what it means and can you explain the union part. I have the bad union - is that union or non-union? The 2nd dr. also wants me to buy a $3000 bone stimulator machine to use 10 hours/day for the next 30 days and not put ANY weight on my foot. The 1st dr. said I could swim and use my air cast with very limited mobility. My second question is what is your opinion of bone stimulators (my insurance will cover it). My third and final question is this: I am using my air cast with very limited mobility. My back is very sore from walking on the air cast because it is elevated more than my heavy duty work out tennis shoe or any of my boots. Am I to purchase another air boot to level me out or what? Thank you for your time.

: My 13 year old son fractured his fifth metatarsel
: on his left foot playing basketball. He plays a lot
: of different sports and is in good physical shape.
: They have him wearing a walking cast now and in two
: weeks we go for a checkup, including x-rays, to see
: how things are progressing. My questions are, how
: long is the recovery period, 6-8 weeks? Secondly,
: is there anything we can do to speed up the process?
: Thirdly, is there any chance that he will heal faster
: because of his age?

Posted By Marla Stephens on January 18, 2004 at 13:43:45:

In Reply to: Fractured 5th metatarsel posted by AMB on November 12, 2003 at 15:52:52:

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