Stiffness and Swelling to ankle/lower shin

Please can you help me.

on the 18th March 2003 I damaged my ankle whilst skiing. I fell on my back and the ski hit the snow vertically jolting left to right. I was in considerable pain and the injury was diagnosed as a fracture and placed in a cast.

One week later and back in the UK, the cast was removed and examined by a DR, there was tenderness, bruising and swelling to both sides of the ankle and up the lower shin. It was then diagnosed as ligament damage.

I was again placed in a cast; however, I had difficulty walking the next day and noticed that the cast had been set at 75/80 degrees. I notified the hospital immediately and was informed that as I was to return in another two weeks not to worry as there would still be movement. At this point I was unable to weight-bear.

Two weeks later the cast was removed and my foot was stuck rigid. To cut a long story short it is now eleven months later and due to total motivation and dedication, whereby, I have continually exercised my foot and pushed through the pain barrier, I have managed to get some considerable movement back. However, I am still not able to push my knee forward, especially in the morning, and without exercising throughout the day. The pain does subside i.e. with bouncing movements on one leg and has reduced considerably compared to one month ago, and I am able to push my knee forward once I have knelt a few times (the shin is off the floor to start with).

I have told the hospital since June that something was not right with the amount of effort I was putting in i.e. swimming (when I was on two crutches), gym work (when I was down to one), regular stretching exercises and private physio. After complaining they agreed to an MRI scan which revealed ligaments ok, but cysts on the bone. However, someone not involved informed me that I could have had these cysts from birth and if they have not caused problems before - which they hadn't - then that was not the reason.

The consultant wished to remove fluid and if that did not work then inject steroids. I was apprehensive with this and am due to see another specialist at another hospital but there is a 17 week wait.

In the summer I was not able to point my foot forward as it seemed to keep returning to the position it was set in 75/80 degrees. A physio yanked my foot upwards with me lying on my stomach on a few occasions and I was then able to point my foot with no problem.

I asked my previous physio to do the same thing last week as when I point my foot forward there is still three inches in difference compared to the good fott.

She did this and the foot felt great and there was more flexibility than the good foot. The only problem is a few hours later it starts to stiffen up again!

After elimination of pain, I think the resistance is just above the bone on the inside of the ankle - where there is also puffiness and sometimes feels hot - leading from that point upwards to the lower shin.

Hope this makes sense and hope you can help.


Posted By Sharon McNally on January 23, 2004 at 12:39:55:

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