unbearable itchiess on toes

I am 62. Fairly healthy. My toes itch, intermittently, and usualy in winter. This winter has been bad. By intermittent, I mean when they act up they may stay that way for a week or two, then go away for a few weeks. It isn't all the time. The last digits,(top) of the toes and the front itch, not much on the backside of the toes and occasionally spots on the instep may get itchy but not as bad. The little toes are itchy on the side or outer edge which would touhc the shoes. I dont wear shoes in the house. And I am at home most of the time I have tried wearing no socks and I think that helps some, socks keep my feet warmer and I may be imagining it, but I think ti makes them itch. The itch is unbearable. The itch is so unbearable, I want to rip my toes off and if I could I would! It wont stop and I have to create hurt, pain and resultant woreness before the itching will stop and this takes a lot of scratching, believe me. They are red looking but no sores or blisters or bleeding. It is usually only one foot but in the last few days the other foot has started on two toes. It usually happens in the evening nearing bedtime As I am touching my foot right now, there is absolutely no itch, only very sore from all the scratching I did last night, but the top of my instep above my fourth toe(next to little one) is black and blue from scratching so much. Please tell me what this is and what I can do for it.
Joyce In Upstate NY

Posted By joyce d. korus on January 25, 2004 at 14:14:08:

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