Broken foot - car accident -broken foot bones


I need your help. I had a car accident and totaled my car on 11/24/03. I had lots of intense pain, brusising and swelling of my right foot from slamming the brakes so hard. I was wearing a slipper shoe on my foot at the time. I rear ended an 83 year old lady in a black car who was stopped on a bend in the road at night because she was disoriented. Hit her at about 45 miles per hour. She is fine---not a scratch.

My GP ordered an MRI since x-ray did not show anything. MRI showed 2nd and 3d metataursals broken at neck. GP sent me to an orhtopedic institute in Philadelphia where they can help with these things. Dr. at the institute said to put on a Rego boot (cam walker)up to knee and keep it on 24/7 for a month but stay off foot.

Problem - girl at institute who put on boot must have not sized it correctly or something as I told her my heel did not touch bottom or back or bottom of boot. She said "work on it." Even though I was told not to walk I had to in order to leave the institute. When I left I had to walk on crutches for at lest 200 feet and with every step I had to punch down on the heel and roll to the toe. More pain.

When no one at the institute returned my calls for my complaint my GP sent me to a local orthopedist. The local orthopedist said put on a soft sole slipper and try to walk. Result....I kept using crutches and put all my weight on my left foot. About a week and a half later I started to fall backward, lost my balance, lost the crutches and flailing my arms crashed forward with all the weight going to the ball and toes of my injured right foot.

Called the local othopedist....he was in one covering for him. Saw him 3 weeks after the bad fall and he said he thought I had "pain syndrome".

I said I did not think so as I felt that I just reinjured my self and perhaps broke something else in my right foot in addition as a result of the fall. I have not been able to walk at all now for a month. He finally ordered a bone scan of the right foot.

I am paying out of my pocket about $400 a week for wheelchair transport from a local amblance company.
I am sick and upset about being in constant pain. I am running out of money to pay the ambulance company. I have excellent insurance but it does not cover transport. My whole right foot hurts and is swollen and bruised and painful.

Could you please offer me some advice to get better?


Posted By Vicki Tanchak on February 17, 2004 at 14:08:04:

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