Strange behaviour of a stress fracture - more info

Dear doc,

you wrote:
>Although you have written a great deal of
>information, there is still much more I or any other
>doctor would want to know.
>What the X ray looks like, your weight, health
>activity, are you in a cast brace?

I am including a URL of an x-ray of my foot (sorry for the poor quality, that's the best I could do) as well as a URL to more pictures (x-ray and regular). My weight is 125 pounds, I am 26 years old, my health is fine. I got the stress fracture during a ballroom competition - since then haven't done much physical activity for 3.5 months. I am not in a walking cast now, the last thing I tried was partial weight-bearing (<10%) with a post-op shoe (stiff-soled). Briefly, the history is as follows: I limped around for about a month and a half, then I got a walking cast, kept getting pains for two weeks, switched to no weight-bearing on crutches for two weeks, tried partial weight-bearing (around 25% with occasional steps up to 100%, the doctor advised 50% and go to 100% in a few days) for several days with the shoe, swelling quickly diminished but then returned, went back to no weight-bearing for 3+ weeks, kept getting swelling and pains, tried partial weight-bearing (<10% this time, limited to 5-10 minutes a day, the doctor wasn't sure whether to try this or get a cast), swelling and pains quickly diminished in a few days but then swelling slowly started to increase again and today (the second day after I doubled the time of weight-bearing) suddenly the swelling became slightly more than it was during the non-weight bearing stage, though with much less pains. I am very confused about this strange behavior and don't know what to do. I guess my options are:
(a) continue with this strategy gradually increasing the weight (perhaps use ice to control the swelling?)
(b) take a rest for a couple of days and continue with this strategy
(c) stop this and get a cast
I also need to mention that I got several x-rays done over the past month and a half but they all look pretty much the same. The GP wasn't quite expecting that, he was expecting some callus formation, though he says it's still not worrisome. Any advice on the best course of action or possible explanation of my foot's strange behavior? (e.g. could it be that something else is making it swell when I start walking on it?)



Posted By Dmitriy on March 04, 2004 at 06:43:38:

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