Re: Broken 5th Metatarsal - Broken From Underneath The Foot

Dear Doctor, How great of you to be doing such a wonderful service for so many people...good for you!!! I am a 42 yr. old Lupus patient who fractured my 5th metatarsal 3 days ago. I have a long history of Raynaud's and Osteoporsis. I saw my internal medicine doctor who - confirmed my guess - upon x-ray and told me to go home and stay off my foot. He is referring me to a spesensoredt. I have been struggling with a 3 week long migraine and am having balance problems from the headache,(that's how I fractured it in the first place, I lost my balance and landed on the side of my foot - unbelievable!). I lost my balance again tonight going to the restroom and caught myself the same way, it hurt like crazy, to add insult to injury. My question is this...will it be necessary to have the x-ray's taken again? I can't afford it right now. Should the spesensoredt be able to tell enough by simply looking at all the bruising and swelling? They said I'd probably be put in a cam walker boot. I don't want to have to purchase one if they are going to cast my foot. My doctor said this injury was most likely from the osteoporsis, so will I need the boot in the future again anyway? I am taking Fosamax, but I'm also on 10 mg. of Predisone a day. What do I do in the mean time to keep this from happening a third time and doing further injury to my foot? Thank You for your time and your service. God does have angels here on earth! Dana Hamilton

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Full-length viscoelastic insoles incorporating areas of softer density in the heel and metatarsal region. Raised metatarsal pad aids in desired realignment of metatarsal heads.

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