numb heal

I sent a message regarding my numb big toe but I forgot to mention that my left heel is also numb. It sort of feels like a callous but I don't see a callous. I have callouses under my big toes and on the sides of my foot just below the little toe. I also have a big round callous on my heel that someone said that it was a bone spurr. I shave these callouses and they are fine, but, the numbness is a mystery and I thought I would ask someone. Additionally, what should I do about the round bone spurr (if that is what it is). I shave it just like a callous now. Should I see a podiatrist and have it corrected or should I leave it alone and keep shaving it. It doesn't hurt. It becomes a little irritating when I don't shave it for a while.
So, numb heal and bone spurr - what do you think?

Posted By Carl Brown on April 12, 2004 at 12:18:02:

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