Re: Jones Fracture-base 5th metatarsal

Dear Marisa:
I really have tremendous sympathy for you. I also suffered from a Jone's Fracture after falling off a steep curb. I was told by the resident at the E.R.that the x-ray was inconclusive, but I he didn't think it was broken. The next day I called my Primary Care Physician and asked for a referral to an orthopedist. When I called the Orthopedic Department at the clinic; I was told that no-one could see me for 2 months! 10 days later, my foot looked like a giant purple sausage. It hurt like hell and I would cry out in pain when I shifted any weight to the outside of my foot.
In desperation, I went to the "Urgent Care" clinic and asked to see someone about my foot. The receptionist told me that it was my "lucky day" because the Orthopedic Physician's Assistant was there that day!!! Mr. Male Nurse took another x-ray and said that he couldn't tell what was going on, but he put me in a cast anyway and told me to "let pain be my guide" as to bearing any weight on the foot. He also told me to check back in 4 weeks. After four weeks of hell (I went on our family vacation to Sedona, AZ, but couldn't walk, hike, shop, NOTHING. I returned to Mr. Wonderful after the 4 weeks was up. I told him I wasn't feeling any better, I was still in tremendous pain, the foot was still swollen.... He said I should come in and get ANOTHER x-ray.
When he brought the x-ray back into the room he looked shocked and said, "My, my, my - aren't we full of surprises!" I asked what he meant by that, and he said that my new x-ray revealed that I had a "Jones Fracture" and that I never should have been allowed to put any weight on it. This is now more than six weeks after the initial injury. He told me that he would like to have me in another cast, this time a non-weight-bearing one, for four more weeks! So I wore the cast and used the stupid crutches for four weeks. But, the bone refused to "knit" together and so I finally met with a REAL DOCTOR, an actual orthopedist by George! He said I had to have surgery. He would drill a titanium screw through the bone to hold it together. Another 3-4 weeks of complete non-weight bearing and I'd be good as new! Wrong. My foot never stopped hurting even after 2 months of physical therapy. So then they decided they needed to do a 2nd surgery to remove the screw! Surgery #2 and another 2 weeks on crutches! My foot still aches when I walk more than 15 minutes, but I can finally wear normal shoes again. My advice to you is this: Read every damn thing you can on the internet on Jone's Fractures. Do not put any weight on your foot until you are told that the bone is completely healed. And find an orthopedist who knows his fanny from a hole in the ground. E-mail me if you need anything further. Good luck to you,

Posted By Adrienne on May 27, 2004 at 17:45:52:

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