insertional tendonitis, accessory navicular, or both

Severe pain in ankles after walking 6 or 8 blocks which gets worse the more I walk. The pain is mostly on the inside of the ankle directly in front of the ankle bone. I also get pain in the plantar fascia region but not as incapacitating nor as frequent.

I had a fairly rigid orthotic made which didn't help me at all and seems to irritate the condition. Right now I'm best in Teva Sandals.

I've essentially had two differenct diagnoses, one from a respected Foot and Ankle Orthopedist and the other from a very well respected Podiatrist.

The Orthopedist says I have an accessory navicular bone in both feet and recommened extensive ankle stregthening exercises and NO orthotics.

The Podiatrist, who I feel better about, says I have an insertional tendonitis of the anterior tibial tendon and that this tendon goes all the way around under the planta fascia and that's why I'm having pain there as well. He says I should do NO exercises that push the foot toward me and extensive stretching of the calf. Although he would prefer a rigid orthotic, recognizing I can't wear it, he will make me a "soft" orthotic.

My real concern is who to trust because the PT recommendations are very different.

And most urgently, how do I walk without irritating the anterior tibial tendon to the point where I cannot walk?

Thanks and I apologize for the length of this post.


Posted By Louise on July 05, 2004 at 02:09:15:

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