Hi. Your question was the first hit when I searched Google with "itchy heel". I am stunned for I was hoping to find people with a similar situation to mine, but not so easily!?
So you have an itchy 'right' heel...!!?
Mine drives me nuts, but its the 'left' one. Also worse at night but can hit me just any time of day, at home or at work, bare foot or wearing shows. I also have concerns regarding either my liver or my galbladder (but no diagnosis yet).

I just can't stand it anymore!! I've had this concern for ages! Maybe 10 years or so!!!
The other day while watching TV at some relatives, I just had to rub my left heel very rigourously on the rug. I looked weird, but I couldn't stand it anymore... I stopped the heavy friction when my heel felt like it was on fire! It hurt for a couple minutes, but then I was relieved for a while. But not for long. Now I'm back home, and I can't seem to get rid of it or make it less annoying. My nails aren't hard enough to scratch it. I've always treated my feet in priority for some reason. I even have a reputation so friends offer me foot care products for Xmas and other special occasions!

The itch is located in a very precise spot on the left heel, never moves, about a square cm or less, maybe even the size of a needle head but I'm not sure...

Hope you enjoyed my description. After all these years, it is the first time I search for an explanation. Even though I do have a hunch it has to do with the hepatic functions...

Does this make sense? Can someone PLEASE help me?!!?

Thank you in advance.

C ;

Posted By Chantal on July 17, 2004 at 00:44:59:

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