Strange issue with ankle/heel and toes

I wo'nt go into how this happened accept to say that I was in the same position for 24 hours, without moving an inch. I was laying back with my right ankle crossed over my left ankle. I awoke in the emergency room about 30 hours later. With my ankles crossed it caused a huge sore on the top of my left ankle and a blister on my left bottom ankle abut the size of 4" by 4" that kept expanding with yellow fluid. My right ankle had an ope sore where it had been in contact with my ricght ankle. Every since then over 6 months ago I have had soreness.numbness,trmendous pain, open sores and an open blister that just now 6 months later is starteting to heal, although I have numbness and tingling as well as a lot of pain, The numbeness radiates down to both of my big toes and the toes besides them along with some numbness going from my ankles and toes. this just will not go away. and I'm in constant pain. Do you think there is nerve damage there?

Posted By der130606 on July 18, 2004 at 20:03:44:

Malleoloc for lateral ankle instability. Designed to prevent inversion and eversion. Malleoloc does not restrict plantar and dorsiflexion. Excellent for sports use.

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