My sister's story - and the loss of her foot

Just found this bulletin board and want to share with all that my sister - who is in her 40'd - for the past two years, was having a sensation of a "pebble" inside her foot - on the arch of her left foot. Painful walking. She consulted with a podiatrist - from Kaiser Hospital - and he dismissed it as a "benign growth" a "fibroma". My sister went back to him within the two years time 3x's - he never did a biopsy - despite her insistence for him to do so. He told her to "get fitted for ortho shoes" - she did and it made the pain worse. After frustrating attempts for him to do a biopsy she consulted with another podiatrist - a woman podiatrist - as her foot growth had doubled in size in 8 months time and it was almost impossible for her to walk and people were noticing her limping at work. The female podiatrist told her "This is not a benign growth - I'm referring you to a oncologist and have a biopsy done immediately." Biopsy done: Results?

An extremely rare cancer - Synovial Sarcoma of the foot. Treatment? Amputation. She recently had her foot and 7" above the foot - amputated. Her oncologist told her he recommended aggressive chemotherapy as Synovial Sarcoma is an aggressive cancer - and her "margins" were very wide - the tumor was 8 centimeters - she took one and a half chemo treatments but decided to stop as she couldn't tolerate it and refuses to have anymore chemo. Oncologist told her that with this cancer - with or without chemo - it's a 50/50 chance it will return. (He wanted her to go for at least 4 chemo treatments). She is about to get a prosthesis. I wanted to share this story with all of you because - no matter what you are told - if you feel there's "something wrong" - INSIST on a biopsy - even if you wind up paying for it yourself. My precious sister's life has forever changed and it has taught me this lesson I share with all of you - listen to your inner voice - everytime.

Posted By Electra on July 30, 2004 at 01:41:02:

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