BURNING FEET that won't go away, please read

About 3 years ago i was here with no answers to my every increasing burning feet, desperatly hoping Vivian had the answers, but no one did, even 6 doctors [gp's] didn't have a clue.
Vivian did advise me to see a specialist and thank you Vivian you have saved me from a lot of excruciating pain.
After going to a reumotoligist that did not know nothing and a professor of neurology that new as much as the reumo, i spent countless hours searching on the internet i found a disease that sounded very similar to my symptoms, it was peripheral Neuropathy.

Diabetes is normaly assosiated with Nueropathy but there is over 200 known causes of peripheral Neuropathy, this is why a lot of people go undiagnosed,
You don't have to be diabetic to get neuropathy, i wasn't, i was prediabetic [borderline] and thats enough to give you peripheral nerve problems [hands or feet or both in some cases]
I am one of the lucky ones that has reversed the condition, because i got onto it early, before to much damage could be done.
If the cause can't be found in nueropathy the condition can get worse, so the reason i have wrote this is to help anyone that may be experiecing the start of burning feet [small nerve neuropathy], and hopefully that they will find the reason early before to much damge can be done.
If anyone thinks that they may have this just punch in "Peripheral neuropathy" google will give a lot of information on the subject.
i hope this helps someone.

Posted By Brian on February 14, 2006 at 21:36:52:

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